Chip packaging

Developing new capabilities for integrating complex semiconductor devices such as chiplets into a single package is seen as one way of reviving the U.

Recent funding proposals emphasize reshoring IC test, assembly and advanced packaging capabilities as a way of moving up the manufacturing learning curve after decades or outsourcing to Asian fabs. That funding, much of it coming from Defense Department industrial base programs, is starting to flow. Intel Corp. Intel said Friday Oct.

Semiconductor test, assembly and packaging capabilities have steadily shifted to Asia, and IC packaging innovation is seen as one way to help secure chip supply chains—a priority for the U. The prototype phase of the SHIP program focused on reducing physical size, improving performance and chip reliability along with reducing power consumption and latency.

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Over the last decade, accelerators have seen an increasing rate of adoption in high-performance computing HPC platforms, and in the June Top list, eig Read more…. I Read more….In electronics manufacturing, integrated circuit packaging is the final stage of semiconductor device fabricationin which the block of semiconductor material is encapsulated in a supporting case that prevents physical damage and corrosion.

The case, known as a " package ", supports the electrical contacts which connect the device to a circuit board. In the integrated circuit industry, the process is often referred to as packaging. Other names include semiconductor device assembly, assembly, encapsulation or sealing. The term is sometimes confused with electronic packagingwhich is the mounting and interconnecting of integrated circuits and other components onto printed-circuit boards. The current-carrying traces that run out of the die, through the package, and into the printed circuit board PCB have very different electrical properties compared to on-chip signals.

They require special design techniques and need much more electric power than signals confined to the chip itself. Therefore, it is important that the materials used as electrical contacts exhibit characteristics like low resistance, low capacitance and low inductance. Controlling these characteristics is becoming increasingly important as the rest of technology begins to speed up.

Packaging delays have the potential to make up almost half of a high-performance computer's delay, and this bottleneck on speed is expected to increase. The integrated circuit package must resist physical breakage,keep out moisture, and also provide effective heat dissipation from the chip.

It must also interconnect the chip to a PCB. Both materials offer usable mechanical strength, moisture and heat resistance. For some devices ceramic packages are required for strength, pin count, heat dissipation or other reasons, but ceramic packages are more expensive than a similar plastic package.

Some packages have metallic fins to enhance heat transfer, but these take up space. Larger packages also allow for more interconnecting pins. Cost is a factor in selection of integrated circuit packaging. Typically, an inexpensive plastic package can dissipate heat up to 2W, which is sufficient for many simple applications, though a similar ceramic package can dissipate up to 50W in the same scenario. As the subsequent need for more effective heat dissipation increases, the cost of packaging rises along with it.

Generally, the smaller and more complex the package needs to be, the more expensive it is to manufacture. The earliest integrated circuits were packaged in ceramic flat packswhich the military used for many years for their reliability and small size.

Commercial circuit packaging quickly moved to the dual in-line package DIPfirst in ceramic and later in plastic. The next big innovation was the area array packagewhich places the interconnection terminals throughout the surface area of the package, providing a greater number of connections than previous package types where only the outer perimeter is used.

The first area array package was a ceramic pin grid array package. FCBGA packages allow for much higher pin count than any existing package types. In an FCBGA package, the die is mounted upside-down flipped and connects to the package balls via a substrate that is similar to a printed-circuit board rather than by wires.

Traces out of the die, through the package, and into the printed circuit board have very different electrical properties, compared to on-chip signals.

Recent developments consist of stacking multiple dies in single package called SiP, for System In Packageor three-dimensional integrated circuit. The boundary between a big MCM and a small printed circuit board is sometimes blurry. Die attachment is the step during which a die is mounted and fixed to the package or support structure header. For low-cost, low-powered applications, the die is often glued directly onto a substrate such as a printed wiring board using an epoxy adhesive.

The following operations are performed at the packaging stage, as broken down into bonding, encapsulation, and wafer bonding steps. Note that this list is not all-inclusive and not all of these operations are performed for every package, as the process is highly dependent on the package type.Integrated circuits are put into protective packages to allow easy handling and assembly onto printed circuit boards and to protect the devices from damage.

A very large number of different types of package exist. Some package types have standardized dimensions and tolerances, and are registered with trade industry associations such as JEDEC and Pro Electron. Other types are proprietary designations that may be made by only one or two manufacturers. Integrated circuit packaging is the last assembly process before testing and shipping devices to customers.

Occasionally specially-processed integrated circuit dies are prepared for direct connections to a substrate without an intermediate header or carrier. In flip chip systems the IC is connected by solder bumps to a substrate. In beam-lead technology, the metallized pads that would be used for wire bonding connections in a conventional chip are thickened and extended to allow external connections to the circuit.

Assemblies using "bare" chips have additional packaging or filling with epoxy to protect the devices from moisture. Through-hole technology uses holes drilled through the PCB for mounting the components. The component has leads that are soldered to pads on the PCB to electrically and mechanically connect them to the PCB. Chip on board is a packaging technique that directly connects a die to a PCB, without an interposer or lead frame.

A chip carrier is a rectangular package with contacts on all four edges. Leaded chip carriers have metal leads wrapped around the edge of the package, in the shape of a letter J.

Leadless chip carriers have metal pads on the edges. Chip carrier packages may be made of ceramic or plastic and are usually secured to a printed circuit board by soldering, though sockets can be used for testing.

All measurements below are given in mm. To convert mm to milsdivide mm by 0. A variety of techniques for interconnecting several chips within a single package have been proposed and researched:. Surface-mount components are usually smaller than their counterparts with leads, and are designed to be handled by machines rather than by humans. The electronics industry has standardized package shapes and sizes the leading standardisation body is JEDEC.

The codes given in the chart below usually tell the length and width of the components in tenths of millimeters or hundredths of inches. For example, a metric component is 2. Exceptions occur for imperial in the two smallest rectangular passive sizes.

The metric codes still represent the dimensions in mm, even though the imperial size codes are no longer aligned. Problematically, some manufacturers are developing metric components with dimensions of 0. These increasingly small sizes, especially andcan sometimes be a challenge from a manufacturability or reliability perspective.

Mostly resistors and capacitors. Mostly resistors and diodes ; barrel shaped components, dimensions do not match those of rectangular references for identical codes. There are often subtle variations in package details from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even though standard designations are used, designers need to confirm dimensions when laying out printed circuit boards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Pin grid array. Main article: Quad Flat Package.

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chip packaging

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chip packaging

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chip packaging

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List of integrated circuit packaging types

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Packaging the Chip Challenge Flavors

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chip packaging

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