Irresistible woman traits

While irresistible women will likely still attract the McJerks, she'll also attract the Mr. There's a lot of conflicting dating and pickup advice out there: play hard to get, don't play hard to get, be yourself, be a sports fan, be sexy but still down to earth One of the easiest and surprisingly least-practiced methods of convincing us we made the right choice in talking to you is when you respond to our jokes instead of simply laughing at them.

If you're hee-hawing at our wisecracks, wonderful — just make sure you don't leave a dead silence at the end of each one or we're going to think you're expecting a stand-up routine. We want a woman who's our conversation partner, not just an adoring fan.

As the law of supply and demand goes, we want to crave your attention before we get it. Once we have it, though, it's nice to be reminded that you only have eyes for us. If you spend most of your time and energy on clothes and shoes, we may suspect you're a bit superficial. Can we not sit around in our underwear once in a while if we're feeling depressed? We like a woman who minds her appearance but who also knows that being attractive is more about confidence than owning Manolo Blahniks.

You're healthy, but not a health nut. Obviously, men dig a woman with a kickin' body, but not if it means she spends more time in the gym than she does with us. Likewise, we'll forgive you for eating a salad on a first date but not every date for the rest of our lives.

Remember: men like curves, and women who can bench-press us are somewhat frightening. The type of attention a drama queen demands from men isn't the sort of genuine, will-love-you-forever attention women deserve. We like a woman who forgives the occasional stupid move. If we say the wrong thing in a casual conversation and it wasn't racist or an otherwise idiotic remark, she remembers that, as humans, we're going to disagree with at least 25 percent of everything anybody says.

And so, she lets it go. Where do you want this relationship to go? If you answer, "I'm not sure" or anything other than "to the friend zone with you! I recently had to unfriend two women I dated because they friended me before we ever went out and it didn't work out with either. Don't make us the bad guys.A lot of people focus on too many superficial qualities that attract women.

Even though some women may find looks, money, status, intellect, fame, talent, success, good pedigree, fitness and so on attractive — neither of those things are a must when it comes to being successful with women.

irresistible woman traits

All these things are just bonuses, nothing more! Here are the character traits that the vast majority of women find overwhelmingly attractive. Credit for a big part of this list and inspiration goes to Reddit user RedPillDad :.

Because having all of them is nearly impossible and only very few people are like this. And the more of these traits you embody, the more attractive you become. So, strive to attain as many as you can and see how women start to treat you differently and become significantly more attracted to you. And guess what?

While there are some other minor traits, these are the main ones that women find irresistible. A guy who has developed many or most of these character traits will always be extremely attractive to women, no matter what else he has going on in his life.

However, all these do is create attraction — they do not guarantee a successful relationship, marriage or anything else. If you want help on how to develop these character traits, then sign up for my free newsletter, where you will get a full course on how to get them handled once and for all! So what about you, personally? Which of these character traits do you embody, and which do you lack?

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4 Qualities of an Irresistible Woman

How many men do you know who have all these characteristics? Your Comment. Your Name. Your Email. Your Website URL. Skip to content. What did you think of this article?Having the ability to be laid back and playful allows a man to relax and enjoy your company.

You often hear guys say they want a girl who is sexy and cute. A woman radiates confidence when she displays her worth. Remember that actions speak louder than words. Confidence is simply owning who you are, having self-respect, and employing the qualities that make you you. Guys deserve affection and compliments too. We often say that some people feel like home. When we are in their presence, we feel relaxed, calm, and secure. Even guys like some level of being taken care of.

Maybe on occasions like this, all you need to do is listen, or snuggle up next to him, or just be loving in your mannerisms. The way you treat children, the way you interact with your friends and family, even the way you speak to strangers are all indications of how nurturing you are - and he WILL take notice.

To be nurturing requires a practice of humility, love, and gentleness so that other people feel safe to be who they are in your presence. One of the best compliments a woman can give to a man is that he makes her feel safe, which honors his masculinity. You, in turn, can make a man feel safe by being nurturing, and in doing so, you are allowing him to honor your feminity.

You can have a gentle heart, but still, be rock solid at your core. You can be as calm as a breeze, but as fierce as a tiger. The best people embody both sides. Today, for whatever reason, we have a false idea that independence means you can do everything on your own and the only person you need is you.

But the truth is, we need people. We need meaningful relationships. What is admirable about independence is self-direction. A woman who knows what she wants and has the discipline to go after it is a force to be reckoned with.Human attraction is a fascinating thing. However, when you generalize, there seems to be 7 traits that most men just find absolutely irresistible in a woman.

And they aren't all to do with looks! Some of the things on this list are unchangeable unfortunately so you're either born with them or you're not. But others can be created by anyone. Remember, though, that every woman is special and unique, and these traits are not mandatory for finding love. Take a look!

Researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia found that longer arms were a more important factor in attractiveness than longer legs. According to a study by researchers at the University of Rochester, women who wear red signal sexual receptivity to men, making them more approachable. A study out of Bangor University found that men preferred women who wore less make up, which is becoming an increasing trend on social media these days. University College London showed that men associate a high pitched voice with a small framed young woman, bizarre!

A waist to hip ratio of 0. Hair tends to provide a good indicator of overall health. Therefore having luscious locks gives off a lot of subtle information to a man.

irresistible woman traits

Source: 1. Share this post with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter! Next post.What do women want? This article will discuss 10 things that really make you attractive to any women.

Leadership can be defined as the ability to give guidance and direction verbally or by modeling. Women want to feel like they are with a leader but not a dictator.

In relationships, women can give us the level of trust that borders on livelihood. Being comfortable doing these may also show that you are excited about the relationship.

You are making a concerted effort that demonstrates that you want to be there. Without getting too academic, communication is simply the exchange of ideas, needs, and desires. The essence of this concept is straightforward and uncomplicated but putting into action is all but. There is a concept known as gender jabber which highlights the differences in the number of words that men and women speak.

Louanne Brizendine, MD Professor at University of California —San Francisco has found that women speak an average of words per day and guys use about words per day. This means that women talk almost 3 times as much as men. Mastering the art of communication is tough and different for each relationship. Talk about each other. Your lady will have specific tells that mean specific things.

It could be nonverbal or verbal, but she has them nonetheless. Hone in on those nuanced communication methods. When you pick up on them, she will appreciate it more and you will earn more point with her. Selfless also means that thinking of others before self. The selfless trait allows a man to be a giver especially when it counts.

This same quality will be reciprocated by your woman. Thoughtfulness is the cousin of being selfless and allows you to run the gambit of emotional maturity.

What's worse than being out with a person who doesn't have good temperament? It doesn't matter if you were raised in a majority male home or that you are in all male-dominated sports.

Being a guy that wants family or has children and is present with your kids increases your attractiveness exponentially. With that, being a great father and provider to your children shows her. Being a family oriented man also means that during conversations and throughout dating she will see that you would prioritize her as your wife. Another way to show that you are a family man is to allow her to see the interaction between you and your family. This is often difficult for guys to do.

We pride ourselves on being manly…having machismo but the truth is that we have feelings just like women. They need to see and experience that you are comfortable being open with them.

Allowing her to encounter your vulnerability will increase trust. Many times that can be too much too soon. You will know when the time is right.

Remember, there is fearlessness in being vulnerable. Keeping abreast on what's happening around the globe and can talk about it is a quality that shows that you are a part of the world. However, it is important that you show that you care enough to learn and understand other cultural perspectives.We are evolutionarily hard-wired to seek out partners who have traits that are ideal for survival and reproductive success. Men look for women who are attractive, youthful, healthy, and appear to be suitable for bearing children.

Women want men who are strong, intelligent, and emotionally mature enough to protect and provide for her and her children.

irresistible woman traits

A man who is confident in himself and his abilities has likely put in years of hard work. He knows that he can handle any situation that life or his woman throws at him and he carries himself as such. Confidence is the first key to attraction. When you commit yourself to an intense exercise program and transform your body, not only will you be more physically attractive to women, but you will develop core confidence in yourself and your abilities by taking complete control of your body and carving yourself into a greek god.

They beat themselves up and suffer from a healthy dose of self-loathing.

The Main Attractive Character Traits That Make Men Irresistible to Women!

To be more confident, start by changing the narrative in your own head. Stop nitpicking your flaws and focus on your strengths. Stop comparing yourself to others and start comparing yourself to where you were years ago.

This alone will transform how you feel about yourself and how women react to you.

4 Virtues Quality Men Find Irresistible in Women

Women want a man who is charming. A man who is strong, resilient, and tough with others, but gentle, funny, and endearing with her. Without confidence, charm makes you nothing more than a clown. However, when combined with confidence and strength, a healthy dose of charm can tip the scales and make her obsess over you. Please, thank you, sir, and mam go a long way and show women that you have a soft side and care about the feelings and emotions of others.

Whenever you meet a woman for the first time, be sure to compliment something about her appearance or character that you like. The key to making it work, however, is to make it a part of who you are, not simply something you do to impress women. Open doors for everyone, pull out chairs for the women and elders whenever you go out to eat, help the old lady in the parking lot return her grocery cart. In other words, you build attraction by paying more attention to her and active listening.

It is not about you, your job, your car, your social status. Throw all of that junk out the door until she asks you, then and only then are you permitted to boast about yourself.

That means that you should spend most of your time listening — being interested in the other person — instead of talking — that is making yourself seem interesting.

They will drone on for hours about themselves, their careers, their social status, the shit they bought, and the things they do. She will be more attracted to you because you are giving her the space and validation to talk about herself. It feels good when other people take an interest in our lives and, by understanding the power of attentive listening you will instantly become one of the most attractive men in the room. If you were dating a girl who went out to party four nights a week and came home at 5 am, smelling like booze, and clearly on drugs, you would worry.

She might not always like what you have to say, but if you keep your word and communicate your needs, thoughts, and desires honestly, she will feel a deep attraction that cannot be replicated. Passion and commitment are sexy. When a man is talented at something his energy gets engrossed in that thing, and living with such purpose is the number one thing that makes a man attractive to women. Similarly, when a man is passionate about something he is pushing or focussing all his energy to that thing, again, being on purpose!

A man with passion is a man who is alive, a man who knows what he wants out of life and is willing to do what it takes to achieve it. Women, more than anything else, want a life of adventure. Cultivate even one of them in your life and I promise you will experience a transformation in the way women respond to you. This is awesome.She learned the way to be irresistible to men.

irresistible woman traits

These are the 5 things that make men feel like you are the kind of woman who will add value to his life, not drama. I want to explain it in detail.

These are the things that spark a deep attraction in a man. When you give a man these things that are so important to him, he will see you as a woman who "gets" him, unlike so many other women out there. You will shine above the others. She understands that having a foundation of fun, loving, and positive experiences build a deeper emotional connection with a man. These kinds of experiences will make him want to come back for more.

When you and a man are together, he wants you to bring joy into his life, not sadness. So focus on enjoying the moment you are in and not worrying about the past or the future. John Gottmanwho has studied relationships for over 40 years, says the magic ratio is If there is one negative interaction, and there are almost always some they help your relationship grow and evolvethere needs to be 5 positive interactions to balance out any bad mojo. Staying positive will leave both of you feeling more satisfied and happier when you are together.

Being a high-value woman means having your own friends, hobbies, and passions. Has anyone ever given you a compliment and you try to talk yourself out of accepting it? You must start talking positively instead of judging your own flaws. If you embrace your feminine qualities and own it, you will be well on your way to getting the love you want.

Men will be men, thankfully! Men are downright fabulous when you understand that your differences with them are what make our connection with a man unpredictable and exciting. Masculine alpha men love when a woman can go with the flow and not try to control every situation. They're not afraid to say "no" when something doesn't feel good. There are more than two ways to chop a tomato and there are more than two ways to handle every situation.

You can bring yourself in a way that attracts a man or pushes him away. Which do you want? Be the woman who has a life that he wants to be a part of. When you are singleit is the best time to nurture your friendships, and explore what makes you happy and feel passion in your own life.

The passion you feel in your life will attract a man who is as passionate as you. This article was originally published at DinaColada.

Reprinted with permission from the author. Sign in. Join YourTango Experts.

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